Acoustic from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Tags  indie  roots  acoustic  pop 

A band that moved to a small city to make it big.


Gloria Jung, Lucie Vano, Wallis Prophet, Ella Moeck


Fingers entwined and eyes locked in an impromptu pact at a train station, young girls Lucie Vano and Gloria Jung made a promise to each other and themselves. They would make it as musicians.

Lead singer Gloria Jung, with her smooth, pitch perfect vocals and effortless riffs, is a soul-wrenching testament to her music idols Etta James and Amy Winehouse. With heavy influencers Damien Rice and John Mayer, guitarist Lucie Vano is basically a Jackel and Hyde of hip swaying blues and cry-in-the-corner acoustic sounds. Bassist Wallis Prophet has more rhythm and swagger than one person should legally be allowed to possess. Add violinist Ella Moeck who is able to replicate a melody by ear on a number of instruments and harmonise like fish can swim and you’ve got the full band…for now.

In 2012, Gloria and Lucie, originally from Sydney’s west, couldn't help but mix it up a bit. Not just in the traditional “move everyone to Melbourne, get short hair cuts, a pair of second hand shoes and hope to run into someone from Triple J on the street” No, they've already got the style and online shopping addictions, they don't need to live in Brunswick to have that. Nope, they're doing things a little differently. Juno's moved to Adelaide and are dedicated to making the town, their own.


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